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November 10th, 2013 | txkrtl

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Thank you to all of our race sponsors who help us promote healthy living in the Texarkana area. What better way to raise money for trails in our community than to show them off over the course of a 13.1 mile race?

Partnership for the Pathway is an organization committed to building safe, beautiful connecting trails throughout our community. We thank these fantastic organizations for helping us continue our mission this year to add to over five miles of new trail.



City of Texarkana, Arkansas Logo           City of Texarkana, Texas              rsz_christus_st_michael             rsz_tt_parks_rec_logo   rsz_Texarkana AR Parks Dept. 249 x 245   rsz_rsz_racquet_and_jog_1-18-16rsz_Farmers_Bank_&_Trust 285 x 225

rsz_Walmart 420 125



AR Blue Cross Blue Shield          rsz_rsz_bobbie_arnold_atkinson_foundation  rsz_sports_magic_139_x_120      rsz_wayne_garrison_trust     rsz_rsz_hopkins_ice_house     rsz_team_texarkana_t3     Texarkana Emergency Center




rsz_rsz_dr_john_white_logo 232 x 70    Target 95 x 120  rsz_rsz_great_american_cookies 227 x 70dillards 160 x 80




rsz_rsz_bancorpsouth_130_x_60        rsz_rsz_barry_insurance_114_x_67       rsz_big_jakes_bbq 216 x 65


rsz_rsz_coca-cola_201_x_70   rsz_rsz_domtar_2014     rsz_rsz_dr_malcom_smith_2016        eagle logo print 119 x 62

rsz_rsz_excalibur_trans    rsz_rsz_guaranty_bond_bank 245 x 70IP Logo modified 1-2014.jpeg

rsz_rsz_mountainvalley_110_x_85       rsz_rsz_offerhauser_2014_196_x_60     State Bank 8flatPMS      TCVertical

Pedal Junkies Cycle Studio 122 x 120       rsz_rsz_starbucks_logo 85 x 85              rsz_rsz_swepco 183 x 70        rsz_tri-state_iron_&_metal_1-2014       rsz_taco_bueno  rsz_rsz_texarkana_logo_jpeg_101_x_82      Extreme Sports Powdercoating 280 x 120 Lost Forty dk green & red 100 x 100  USIstreetsign texarkana copy

HealthSouth Logo

rsz_wells_fargo-jpegrsz_rsz_service_first_electric_logo   TAC Multi Brand 2017TCVertical


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