Mile 3 Preview – The One Where You Meet DJ Shelby

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Now it’s time for some fun along the wooded area….don’t want you dozing off this early in the race.

At the end of this block skirting a small woods you’ll find your first water station. These are manned by our army of incredible volunteers. A big hand goes out to the Partnership for the Pathway member Nick Williamson, who organized the water stops. While we’re saying “thanks!” to people, I should also mention Lori Rudy who organized all of our volunteers and volunteer organizations who help line the race. Thanks, Nick, Lori and all of the water station teams and traffic volunteers!

When you cross 24th Street you’re now on the north end of Nix Creek Trail. Less than 50 yards from the road look for a sign on the left side of the pathway. If you turn around, you’ll see that it reads “One Mile” for people coming in the opposite direction. What does this mean to you?

Only one mile of trail left!

On the left, over the fence you may see horses grazing and on your right the creek gurgles below you. In this area we often see cardinals who like the underbrush next to the open trail. Nix Creek is home to many types of birds. In fact, a couple years ago I wrote a piece on the site about cardinals, that you’ll find here: Cardinals on the Trail.

CardinalThe trails steps through a small wooded area before opening into Ed Worrell Park.

Shelby Irving

Weather permitting, here you’ll get to see super disc jockey Shelby Irving, who’ll be playing tunes for you as you go by. We’re super-excited that he joined our lineup in 2014 and we know you’ll like his brand of music. Normally, Shelby plays everything from parties to weddings (I met him at a wedding, actually, and knew immediately that we needed him on the course). You can call him at (903)244-9797 or via email at GoDj (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you haven’t been following the fun on Facebook, check it out all week, as we share all of our entertainers along the route!

After a small dip in the trail the path leads through another tree-lined section. By now you’ll have a school on your right and the road coming up ahead.

What’s that?

The Three Mile Mark just before the road. Only one block of trail left! …and it’s many people’s favorite block.

More on that tomorrow.

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