Mile 4 Preview – We Say Goodbye To Nix Creek Trail

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Unfortunately all good things must end, and the Nix Creek Trail is no exception. After you exit Ed Worrell Park, you’ll hit the final block of trail.

In many people’s opinion, it’s the nicest.

To get an idea of what the trail means to the neighboring community, look off to the right as you run the last block. You’ll see that many trail neighbors have placed outdoor furniture along the path-side section of their property to enjoy the beauty. This type of love for the trail isn’t only found in Texarkana. When you visit towns with trails all over the United States, you’ll find neighbors love them, businesses spring up along the longer ones, and the trail creates a whole new stream of visitors and with it, a whole new economy.

Ours, in its infancy, is already starting to show signs of what could be for our community. According to the National Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, trails can improve property values by over seven percent, and are an inexpensive alternative when compared with other methods of encouraging healthy outdoor living, promoting tourism, and beautifying your town.

The Partnership for the Pathway organization has completed many projects with the city of Texarkana, Arkansas to beautify the trail. You passed their work on Mile 2 as you ran through Jefferson Park and you’ll see more of their work as you reach the north end. All of the plants along the trail that mark the end were planted by a team of volunteers. Former board member Stephanie Fussell did a lot of legwork and many community members donated time to plant and clean.

A block south of the trail, where you entered the Nix Creek trail, an extension was recently built. Two years you may have read that we were working to secure funding for a bridge on that section of trail. Great news–that bridge is now in place, and now we are working on a second (and much larger) bridge to connect the trail with a Texarkana, Arkansas recreation center. That’s thanks, in part, to your entry fee. Also, north of town, crews are finishing up the first half of a brand new 3.5 miles of trail around beautiful Bringle Lake. In conjunction with Texas A&M Texarkana and the City of Texarkana, Texas, we applied for and were awarded two grants to build a trail all the way around the lake. It’s exciting projects like this that fuels our excitement for putting on this race every year.

Here’s a recent Facebook post showing the trail’s progress:

Hopefully when you’re running next year’s race we’ll have information on the second half of the Bringle Lake Trail, and more!

After you exit the north end of the trail it’s off into the neighborhoods of Texarkana, Arkansas. The city is working on extending Nix Creek Trail all the way to the block where you’ll turn west for the first time….hopefully soon the race will continue down that new trail.

On to mile 5 now, where we’ll head up toward the Arkansas/Texas state line.

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