Mile 5 Preview – Water Stops

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You’ll reach the 4 Mile sign just as you complete the long, wide straightaway along Pinson Drive and turn left onto E 48th Street. This is the northernmost point of the race.

Even though you still have over 9 miles to run, just realize that it’s all south-bound from here on out!

My training runs often take me along 48th Street, as I wind my way south toward the Nix Creek Trail. This street is representative of many in the Texarkana, Arkansas area; nice tree-lined streets and quiet neighborhoods.

You’ll be able to see downhill as you reach the second water station of the day. Make sure and take plenty of water!

Just beyond the water station, look left. Just a few years ago, the City of Texarkana Arkansas built a new trail connecting these neighborhoods to the elementary school where Ethan Miller was playing violin only a few minutes earlier. In fact, Partnership for the Pathway (the group putting on this race) donated the money to extend the trail to the back door of the school. This is another project that was funded by your entrance fee. You’ve helped us keep kids out of the road on their way to school.

Thank you!

I should take a minute and talk about water stations.

For those of you who haven’t run ½ marathons before, these water stations also have Poweraid available if you want a sports drink instead of straight water. Listen to the people helping distribute water carefully. You’ll want to make sure you grab the right type of drink.

Also, these aren’t your normal water stations. These people are nuts! Check out some of the crazy costumes and fun as you run by.

The race turns south onto a main road, Jefferson Avenue. Enjoy the gentle downhill here, because you’re about to tackle the biggest hill on the entire course of the Run the Line race during Mile #6.

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