Mile 7 Preview

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Ah, Mile #7.

Now that Arkansas Boulevard has magically turned into Texas Boulevard, the race reaches its halfway point. Early in this mile is another water stop, this one manned – or in this case “woman’d” by the team from Hooters. Like many of our relay stop teams, Hooters has been a race supporter since year #1.

Just past this stop you’ll turn left and see a huge group of runners ahead. Welcome to the relay handoff point.

This year the relay teams will have a baton that they pass. I’ve lifted it, and it’s really light. Should be no problem carrying it casually for six and a half miles.

Some people have asked about transportation. We’ll have transportation from the race start to the relay point, as well as transportation back from the relay point to the finish line. However, if you’re from the local area and know your way, we’d encourage you to park a car near the halfway point.

Back to the course:

Just after the relay exchange you’ll take a sharp right turn, descend quickly down a hill to pass under a railroad bridge, then a short, but fairly severe hill back up on the other side. If you’re like me and aren’t a particularly fast runner, at this single point you’ll see runners coming the other way. They’ve finished nine miles and are headed toward downtown. You’ll be there soon, too!

The mile ends as you enter into another nice neighborhood, on your way to the second park trail the Partnership for the Pathway has helped with: The Phillip McDougal Trail at Spring Lake Park….and also to Donnie Hunt, from Glad You Came mobile DJ’s! More on the trail and Donnie next mile!

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