Mile 8 Preview

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You’re going to love Mile 8 of Run the Line. Five years ago, when I first ran the event, this was maybe my favorite mile because running around Spring Lake Park, no matter how fast or slow you wish to go, is a breath of fresh air. On this mile, you’ll exit the roadways of Texarkana and hop onto one of the premier trails in town, the Phillip McDougal Trail at Spring Lake Park.

If you’re new to Texarkana, I’ll tell you this: EVERYONE loves this walking trail. The woman who cuts my hair walks it. My neighbors walk it (we don’t live close to the park). It’s a nice destination and the trail is about the right length for a healthy workout.

Last year we debuted our new mileage markers along the trail. Our fearless race chairman, John Harrison, my kids and I installed those. Our former President, Mel Brothers, moved mountains to plan and create these markers. You also helped with them. How? By running this race you helped fund the cost of them going into the ground!

This is a special trail to me because it was the first place I worked out in Texarkana when we first moved to town. I like the 1.7 mile trek because there’s lots to look at. The trail winds around the lake, through light wooded areas, across a field and next to softball and baseball parks. There are often friendly runners on the trail, and if you’re doing a longer workout, you’ll pass these same smiling faces multiple times.

We are lucky to have more entertainment for you once you reach the park. Another veteran entertainer on the course is DJ Donny of Glad You Came Mobile DJ’s.


You’ll hear him as you enter the park and his fantastic theme music will pace you all around this section of the race. Watch for him up near the softball diamonds.

This is Donny’s third year pacing Run the Line participants, and if you’ve run this race before, I know you’re as excited to have him pacing you around the park as we are to have him. Hosting an event? Wedding? Party? Dance? Glad You Came is your company. Call them at (903)748-4016 or email donaldhunt4@gmail.com.

Donny will help keep those legs moving as you curl behind Dobson Field and find the 8 mile mark.

Can you believe it? You have just over 5 miles to go!

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