The Big Mile 10 Preview – Which Include Our Big Race Secret

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Mile 10 sneaks up on you.

I was speaking to my cousin who came from Indiana to run the race last year (and had a blast). I told him that when I’d first Run the Line several years ago, I was told the course was “flat and fast.”


While it’s true, there aren’t many big hills, this is the part of the course that makes Run the Line different than most runs.

Mile 10, unfortunately, will make nice people curse. Although none of the hills are killers, there are so many little dips and inclines in this mile that you might feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Sure, it’s a kiddy coaster, with baby hills spread fairly far apart, but still enough for you to wonder whatever happened to “flat and fast.”

You’ll meet another great group of volunteers at water station #5 as soon as you start Mile 10. At this point, the field has thinned out and you should have plenty of room to grab your water and walk a few steps if you choose. Depending on the day, this might be one of the best stops to walk on the course because this is generally a shady mile that winds through the neighborhoods south of Spring Lake Park.

The organizational team has done a great job marshalling over 150 volunteers. These aren’t race experts. They’re people like you and I who decided to help on a Sunday morning when they have other family activities. This is what I love about Texarkana. The town has really answered the call for this race and for trail development, the goal of the Run the Line race.

I won’t give it away, but we’ve got an AWESOME stop for you near the end of Mile 10. Thanks to the Lower family for volunteering to help at the “secret spot.” If you’ve run the race before, don’t give away our secret.

I’ll only tell you this:


Look at what’s on the table.


You’ll know why I’m thanking the Lowers when you reach mile 10 🙂 Hills? What hills?

Don’t miss this stop! I’m telling you that you’ll regret it afterward if you run right by it….

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