Jonathan and Melissa Lenaway

Mile 12 Preview

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Mile 12 begins in the historic Highland Park area.

Not only are there gorgeous old homes and tall trees lining the street, but here you meet the longest running musical act on the course….if you’ve run before, you remember crazy man Jonathan Lenaway and Spotlight Karaoke Professional DJ and KJ Service.

In past years, he’s given you his own special brand of entertainment and microphone cat-calling as you head toward the home stretch. This year?

Something even better….


Jonathan is bringing along a crew of karaoke partiers who’ll sing you all the way home. I was really excited when Jonathan told me last year this was his plan, and was even more excited when he said they’re going to actually do it!

Jonathan and Melissa Lenaway

Jonathan and his better half…Melissa


By the way, you’ll know Jonathan when you see him. He’s the dude who looks like ZZ Top’s younger, bald brother. I’m sure he’ll be in the street cheering you on as you come by. We love Jonathan’s music, and he’s been with us for five straight years (since we started adding more musical acts to the course).

The Rest of Mile 12

You’ll reach water station #7 as you complete Pine Street and turn toward Olive Street. This is another beautiful stretch of road on your way back downtown. Just after you finish Olive Street you’ll turn left and see the “12” mile marker ahead. You’ve almost reached the finish!!!!

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