Texarkana State Line


YOU’VE COME THIS FAR without stopping, and now there’s only a mile to go.

You’ve already done 12 of these….what’s one more? I saw a great bumper sticker while running my first marathon. It said, “26.2 miles, what can go wrong?” That might be the inspiration for our slogan a few years ago: “Only Half Crazy.”

No matter how you feel at this point, I’ll share with you, nothing can stop you with only one more mile left! Luckily, it’s a fun mile, too.

After Jonathan Lenaway and Spotlight Karaoke fade into the distance, you’ll take a right and head again toward downtown. Now you’re on Hazel Street, angling toward State Line. Here you’ll encounter our “bring it home” water stop AND Brian Gafford, professional fiddle player.

Between Brian’s music and the crazy group of volunteers, you will be reminded again of the spirit these volunteers bring to the race. It’s pretty incredible the huge number of people who take time off to make this race a success. There’s about 1 volunteer for every 6.5 runners.

Loving Brian’s music? You can hear him every Sunday night at Hopkins Ice House….right where we’re headed!

This is the last water stop, so drink fast, because you’re going to want to savor the next site….I know a few years ago–my first Run the Line–I did. Just past the water station you’ll merge onto State Line Avenue.

You did it.

You’ve toured the Arkansas side…,

you’ve chugged through the Texas side…..,

and now you’re Running the Line.


Ahead of you is the U.S. Courthouse and Post Office, the only facility of its kind in the world. There are over 20 city, county, and state law and judicial agencies for Arkansas and Texas. As you’d expect, the building is divided in half, with those on the right (west) side housing Texas agencies and those on the left (east) holding Arkansas offices. That’s all neat trivia, but for you, it means that you’ve arrived again downtown and you’re a few short blocks from the finish. You’ll swing around the traffic circle and take in a few short blocks before veering off on Olive Street.

Now that you’ve Run the Line, it’s time to bring this race to a finish!

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