Run the Line Texarkana Painting by David Peavy


A short story—my spouse, Cheryl, ran her first marathon in Detroit, Michigan.

Like Run the Line, the Detroit Marathon is known for occurring in two different locales during a single race (the Detroit Marathon runs through a tunnel under the Detroit River and into Canada). She said that she reached the “26 MILE” sign and felt this huge sense of elation—until she realized that it’s 26 “POINT TWO” miles. She said that the “POINT TWO” made her cry.

That shouldn’t be the case with the POINT ONE after your big 13 miles at the conclusion of Run the Line.

Once you reach the 13 Mile marker, you’ll be just around the corner from the finishing stretch.

When I say “just around the corner,” I’m being literal. If you don’t see the finish when you see the marker, count to three.

Our master of ceremonies, Mike Jones, will goad you home the last several yards. Mike is known for his witty commentary and hosts many of the local events around Texarkana. We’re happy he’s able to help with our race, along with all the other volunteers who make it possible.

Once you finish, a volunteer will place a medal around your neck. The design has the flags of Arkansas and Texas, and is one of the prized medals in my collection.

At 9:30 AM, our finish line band Three Blind Moose will fire up some tunes (weather permitting), so you may even hear the finish coming before you see it. If you were here last year, you’ll know their fantastic sounds. They’ll play until around 11 AM. Awards will start inside Hopkins Ice House at 10:45 sharp. You’ll love the awards. We try to offer many and to make them a little different than any other race you’ve attended. Of course, we’re happy there isn’t much that ISN’T different than other races you’ve attended.

About this year’s finish line band, Three Blind Moose…they’re veterans of this race. If you’re one of the 200 people who ran this race during the first couple years, they were the ONLY band on the course, around mile 12.

Here’s the details on the band: CDX – Lead vocals and guitar; Randal Conry – Bass guitar, vocals; Chris Wilgus – percussion, vocals. We’re really excited they’re back. They’ll bring good, clean fun to what’s looking like a superb day.

You’ll end in front of Hopkins Ice House, our finish line location hosts. Just outside, you’ll find some great food, with Roger & Debbie Sheppard manning one grill and the folks from Farmers Bank manning another. We’ll have pinto beans from Big Jakes….chicken pasta from Bryce’s, beer from Lost 40 Brewing, and much more. A quick story about Roger & Debbie. They own Sports Magic, who provides our tee-shirts. As a way to give to the community, they offer all the grilled portions and they prepare them. There are so many of these stories that I wish I could tell all of them!

…so that’s the preview!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck with the race. I’ll see you at the starting line! I’ll be the middle aged guy standing next to the announcer, Mike Jones, looking worried (I’m sure…)….. ;-)

Next week I’ll have a long list of “thank you’s” plus race results, so be sure and check back after you run!

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